Our Philosophy

Every existing and prospective Spectrum Client is unique, with different needs, challenges, priorities, and corporate cultures. Spectrum appreciates this and will invest considerable time getting to know your business intimately. Should we work together, our goal is to be able to represent your brand as effectively as you do. This discovery process also enables us to develop a compelling value proposition to take to the marketplace, as 95% of the candidates we reach out to are gainfully employed and are not actively seeking new opportunities. The competition for top notch talent today is as fierce as its ever been so it is vital that we make the strongest initial impression possible.

The Spectrum Advantage

Three critical steps define the core of Spectrum’s search process. Technology has leveled the playing field within the Executive Search Industry. “The Rolodex era” is a thing of the past. Our sophisticated research strategies expand the universe of addressable talent, beyond traditional databases. Spectrum customizes unique value propositions for each client, maximizing our ability to persuade proven performers. Utilizing our Spectrum Scorecard allows us to expertly evaluate and measure all candidates against your specified needs, as each assignment has different requirements and priorities. This process is designed to optimize your time.

Our Process

Week 1: The Voice of the Customer

We strive to understand your business as well as you do.

  • Meticulously interpret your thesis and situation
  • Assess Talent Needed
  • Develop Position Profile, Scorecard, and go-to-market startegy

Weeks 2-8: Engage, Persuade, and Evaluate

Focused and Thorough

  • Identify industries, companies, and precise prospects
  • Engage and Persuade “A” Players
  • Evaluate candidates against scorecard through rigorous interview process and make recommendations

Weeks 3-12: Outcome

Partnership towards success

  • Consistent Update Meetings with unbiased feedback and dialogue
  • Trusted Advisership to navigate search process
  • Support candidate onboarding process


Spectrum guarantees all of its Placements. Paramount to us is our Client’s satisfaction, as our mission is to be your Partner for Life. We take nothing for granted. Repeat business, loyal customers, and referrals are to be continually earned – we operate with the mindset that we are only as good as our last search.